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The Prometheus Foundation
The Prometheus Visual Arts Award is an acquisitive art award and exhibition, which is conducted biennially by The Prometheus Foundation.

Mission Statement
To promote the Visual Arts as an essential vehicle for human expression.

The Prometheus Visual Arts Award has been dreamed into existence through an awareness of the importance of developing artistic confi dence, expertise and appreciation amongst our nation's artists and our nation's children. It has been designed to inspire emerging artists to see, refl ect upon and interpret our world in fresh, idiosyncratic and challenging ways. The works created will be displayed to thousands of Australian and international children as examples of what can be achieved when the creative imagination is given wings. Young children have the confi dence to interpret the world in a variety of ways. Formal education can sometimes serve to standardise thought processes and ways of learning and constructing meanings.

The Visual Arts have a vital role to play in encouraging us to search for the fragments of our broken world and to somehow piece them together. It is also the responsibility of each generation to ensure their youth has access to the Visual and Performing Arts, so that they can discover within themselves new forms of expression that might one day help them to defi ne who they are. The Prometheus Visual Arts Award is one of Australia's leading Art Awards, spreading the message that Australia as a nation values her artists and sees their work as a vital part of our society's health and wellbeing.

Terms and Conditions

The Artist - Who can apply?
The Competition is open to all Australian artists (an Australian citizen or those who have been a permanent resident of Australia for at least twelve months).

What Kind of Works?
The Prometheus Foundation welcomes the submision of works from all forms of art media.

The Prize
The Judge may nominate a Winner of the Prometheus Visual Arts Award and that work will be acquired for $15,000 (even if the catalogue price exceeds $15,000) for the Prometheus Foundation Gallery Collection.

Images submitted must be digital and saved on CD or DVD. The curriculum vitae, entry form, CD or DVD and entry fee become the property of the Prometheus Foundation and will not be returned to the artist.

The Application

When and How to Apply

Entries must consist of images of a maximum of 3 artworks, either on CD or DVD, a curriculum vitae detailing the artist's professional practice and exhibition history, the entry form and entry fee.

Closing date to be announced.

Format of Images to be Submitted
Digital images should be saved as jpegs and be able to be opened on PC format.

All submissions must be clearly photographed and marked with the artist's name and short title of the work, medium and size.

One image should be marked indicating it as the preferred work that the artist wishes to submit for the exhibition. The Pre-selection committee reserves the right to select an alternative work from the images submitted by the artist, in which case the artist will be consulted about the choice.

Entry Fee
Entry fee is $50.00 (includes GST) per artist. Entry fee is not refundable regardless of whether the work is selected for exhibition or not. Any entry not accompanied by payment of entry fee will not be eligible for consideration for the award or exhibition. Payment may be made by cheque or money order to Friends of All Saints Limited. Receipts will not be mailed unless requested.

The Judge
Judge: To Be Announced

Previous Judges:          2005 Julie Ewington
2007 Robert Leonard
2009 Nick Mitzevich
2011 Jan Manton

The Selection
Works chosen for the exhibition will be selected by the Pre-selection Committee from images submitted with the entry. The Pre-selection committee may select more works than can be exhibited in which case all works submitted will be viewed by the Judge and remain eligible for acquisition.

The Judge reserves the right not to select a winner or any work for acquisition, or not allocate the full acquisition budget if works are not, in his/her option, of sufficient merit.

The Judge's decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Acceptance

Dimensions of Artworks
Two-dimensional work should not exceed 2 metres in any given dimension or 4 square metres in total. Measurements of three-dimensional pieces should not exceed 2 metres in height or 2 cubic metres in volume.

Format for Installation
All works selected must be professionally prepared for hanging/installation with d-rings or screw eyes attached and must be marked clearly on the back with the artist's name, address and the title of the work. Works on paper must arrive framed or ready for hanging unframed. Works on canvas should be suitable for handling. A stretched canvas is considered framed.

Non compliance will result in work not being exhibited.

Sale of Artworks
All works must be available for sale and a 33.3% commission will apply on any sales from the exhibition.

Responsibility of the Artist
Freight of artwork is the responsibility of the artist. Artworks will not be accepted unless delivered and returned free of all freight and other charges.

Artworks will only be released to transport companies where the artist's name is included in the documentation provided by the said company.

All care will be taken, however The Prometheus Foundation will not be responsible for any loss or damage, howsoever caused. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.

Delivery of Artworks
To be announced.

The Exhibition
It is intended that the majority of works submitted by selected artists will be shown in an exhibition at The Prometheus Foundation Gallery. Invitation to submit a work for final viewing by the Judge does not guarantee that the work will be exhibited.

The Prometheus Foundation has the right to refuse to display any entry.

The Artist is required to make their work available for the duration of the exhibition period.

Artists selected for exhibition will permit their works to be reproduced by print and electronic media in the advertising and promotion of the exhibition and for the exhibition catalogue. The Prometheus Foundation reserves the right to reproduce the winning entry and other acquisitions in subsequent publications by The Prometheus Foundation in relation to the Prometheus Visual Arts Award and Permanent Collection of The Prometheus Foundation Gallery.

The Exhibition

Collection of Artworks
To be announced.

Failure to Remove Artwork
If the artist fails or omits to remove a work from The Prometheus Foundation Gallery as provided in these conditions, The Prometheus Foundation (after sending a notice by post to the artist at the last known address of its intention to sell or otherwise dispose of such work, or in the event of no address being known to The Prometheus Foundation, then one month after advertising such notice of intention in a newspaper), may sell such work. After deducting from the proceeds, the costs incidental to the sale The Prometheus Foundation will hold any balance for the artist provided however that in the event of such work being, in the opinion of The Prometheus Foundation, unsaleable, then The Prometheus Foundation may in lieu of selling the same, dispose in such a manner as it may deem fit in which case The Prometheus Foundation will be under no liability whatsoever to the artist in respect of any work so disposed of.

** Download the entry form and return to: The Prometheus Foundation, All Saints Anglican School, Highfield Drive, Merrimac 4226 **